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Frequently Asked Questions - Burglar Alarms

“What's the point of regular maintenance?”

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the correct operation of the system. There are consumable items within all burglar alarms which need to be checked and replaced periodically to maintain the integrity of the system as a whole.

“Is my system guaranteed?”

Yes, all systems come with a no quibble 12 month guarantee from the date of installation. After the guarantee expires the system is tested yearly. System maintenance includes:

Silver: System serviced annually, Labour only, no parts
Gold: System serviced annually, Labour and parts cover

“What if I have a power cut?”

Every system is fitted with a standby battery which will automatically switch in. It will fully recharge when the power is restored.

“My existing alarm system has a fault, can you help?”

Yes, we have access to spares for most UK intruder alarm systems manufacturers.

“I've just moved house and no-one knows the code for the system and the manual is also missing, can you help?”

Yes. We can supply manuals for any type of system and change codes for you.

“I've heard a lot about remote monitoring but I'm not sure of the cost or my options, can you help?”

Yes, we will be happy to explain all the different types of remote signalling available, how they work, and the running costs involved so you can make an informed decision.

“Can you explain any question I might have in plain English and not techno-babble?”

Yes, always. We always use straight talking from a position of knowledge and expertise so that each customer can make an informed choice.

“I want to design my own system and for you to fit to my own specification ...”

We will be happy to work with you on any project you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions - CCTV

“Can you show me a working system before I commit?”

Yes, we will be happy to show you a working system, explain all the functions, allow you to operate it and answer any questions you may have.

“Are the controls complicated and hard to use?”

All our systems are designed to be user friendly, see for yourself before you commit ...

“How good is the playback quality?”

Crystal clear.

“How do I get images off the system?“

You can easily copy images onto a blank CD with the click of a button or download them remotely.

“I own two shops, can I see one store whilst being at the other?”

Yes, if you have broadband, you can not only see the other shop but also operate the whole system as if you were there (password protected) and download footage if needed.

“Can I make a camera move and zoom in?”

Yes, either with a joystick on-site, or remotely using the broadband connection when you run the software we supply.

“Can I add more cameras to the system later on?”

Yes. Just mention how many cameras you would like to expand to and we can build it into the system.

“Will I be able to see at night?”

Yes, we can supply colour day/night cameras or infra-red cameras/lenses if required.

“Can I see car registration numbers clearly?”

Yes, without any blurring even if the vehicle is moving.

“Can you fix my existing system?”

Yes, we can repair or replace most existing systems.

“I run a business, it would suit me to lease the system, can you help?”

Yes, you can either buy or lease purchase the system.

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